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Rachel Keady

Stay true to the dreams of thy youth- Herman Melville


I'm a senior at Claremont McKenna College studying literature, graduating Fall 2023. In the meantime I'm on a quest to take full advantage of my amazing classes, work *somewhat* diligently on my creative lit thesis, spend time with friends, and write.

This page is a slice of life, a creative portfolio, home to thesis updates over the year, and is sprinkled with my goals, dreams, thoughts, and jokes.

For the love of story

I'm a writer across many mediums. My passions for humor and connection lead me back and forth from life to the page. I'm currently involved in film projects with collaborators on and off campus, and looking for summer opportunities to learn about working in television writing and creative development.

Student film shorts

Caravaggio: a limited series

For my senior thesis, I am writing a creative literature thesis centered on the profound and profane exploits of the Italian Baroque painter, Caravaggio.


Developing 8 episode arc