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Act of Love - Buy The Book

Act of Love - Buy The Book

Act of Love is a guide to help attain spiritual growth, love, and true happiness in life.

About The Book

After dealing with a series of obstacles and life challenges, Kino MacGregor experienced a revelation. Whether eating, speaking, writing, traveling, or living, she pledged to let everything she did in life be an act of love. Just like that, the seed of a new world was planted as she began to integrate this simple yet truly life-changing principle into her daily routine.

In a guide shared to help others attain spiritual growth, love, and true happiness, MacGregor presents a new paradigm that promotes an entirely new way of living and being. While offering anecdotal stories from her own journey as well as the journeys of students and fellow spiritual practitioners, she leads others down a courageous path inward to reset the mind to overcome heartache, become more aware, and embrace the process of awakening. Through moving stories, trusted advice, and meditation and reflection points, MacGregor sets up the parameters of love, action, and the ultimate shift that teaches students of life how to truly act from love in all we do, say, and become.

Act of Love shares anecdotes, advice, and guidance that will help anyone reprogram the mind, choose a new outlook, and follow a simple roadmap to attain true love and happiness in life.