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Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Welcome to Forgotten Runes! Let's Get You Started

What is Forgotten Runes?

Forgotten Runes is a community of thousands building the next great fantasy franchise together-- comics, TV, video games and more.

Worlds like Middle Earth, the Star Wars Galaxy, and Westeros were built by a single person. But the Runiverse is a place where you get to write the story. You get to be the hero (or the villian).

Here's a great video overview to get you started.

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult - NFT Game Alpha

How Do I Get Started and Join the Cult?

Recommended Steps

  • Do you want to start practicing your magic right away? Join the Discord and say !magic in the secret tower and enjoy the wonders
  • Follow us on Twitter and join the Wizard Wednesday space each week 5pm EST
  • If you have the means and you feel inspired, purchase a Wizard or Warrior that will be your character
  • Write your story in the Book of Lore that the writers will use in comics, TV, etc
  • Create "Cult Content" in the form of memes, music, art, and more to make your character legendary

What are other ways I can get involved if I'm not ready to buy a character?

TV Show

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult: Official Trailer

An animated series is in production in partnership with Titmouse Studios, who has a great track record of shows on Netflix.

The show is being written by Derek Kolstad of John Wick fame. The trailer is narrated by Kristian Nairn, pehaps best known as Hodor from Game of Thrones.

The Video Game

In partnership with AAA gaming studio, Bisonic, we are building a MMO RPG where you can play as your character.

You can already sign up below to join the Alpha.

Comic Book

We printed 200k copies of our premiere Issue #0 and are giving them away free! Many of the stories in this issue are inspired by the lore created by our own community. We now have a 10-comic deal with Titan and the artist from Deadpool.

Collaborative Worldbuilding

Join in Building the Runiverse

Some lore has been scribed in the Book of Lore where you can write stories about your character (etched forever on the blockchain). There is also the Map and some context around what different hat colors mean (listen below).

But there is much to be written!

Besides the Book of Lore which serves as source material for the TV Show and more, you can contribute to Wizzypedia. Most lore is actually shared in the way of creative Cult Content which gets shared on Twitter & Discord.

3D Models

Collection History

Forgotten Wizards

In Summer 2021, a collection of 10,000 wizards were born into the world. And with that began the Big Bang of the Runiverse and the creation of the cult. Wizards are the original set of characters.

Forgotten Souls

Starting on Halloween 2021, Wizards were granted the ability to BURN their wizard using a Sacred Flame. The reward, a nightmarish and rare Forgotten Soul.

Forgotten Ponies

The cult was airdropped ponies, just like we always dreamed...

On a crisp December 24th, 2021 snow fell on the secret tower, a rumble in the distance. Then a whinny. From the Elysian Fields, a herd of 567 ponies appeared in the Forgotten Runiverse.

The beloved pony collection will be featured in the upcoming video game and also can participate in the Black Sand Races.

Forgotten Beasts

In April 2022, the beasts broke through the Gate to the 7th Realm in a blockbuster auction. Cult members were also airdropped cute Beast Spawn in a raffle.

Forgotten Warriors

In May 2022, a horde of Warriors rampaged its way into the Runiverse, adding Might to the existing Magic. Warriors match wizards as being central protagonists and antagonists in Runiverse lore.

Forgotten Athanaeum

What would a Runiverse be without magic items (and non-magic items). On Halloween 2022, we knocked on the door of one of the beasts named the Nightmare Imp received a trick or a treat in the form of an airdropped item.

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