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Forgotten BTC Punks

Forgotten BTC Punks

128 Punks-inspired Forgotten Runes Ordinal Inscriptions Under 10k

Forgotten BTC Punks

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👋🏻 Overview

Forgotten BTC Punks (FPBs) are based on the timelessness of CryptoPunks and the magic of FRWC. Once Forgotten, now Immortalized as 128 ordinals on Bitcoin.

✏️ Inscriptions

FBPs are split into two ranges to provide two cost entry points into this thriving new space:

• 81 Ultra Premium - inscribed 6389-9955

• 46 Premium - inscribed 16551-16762

• 1 The Most Forgotten Punk - inscribed at 40000ish

See Inscription Manifest:

⚖️ Team Allocation

The team will reserve 11 Ultra Premiums, and 7 Premiums.

🎁 Giveaway

10 FBPs, including “The Most Forgotten Punk”, will be raffled to holders of Forgotten Punks on Ethereum.

🎫 Allowlist

Allowlist allocations will be split between Forgotten Punks holders on Ethereum and users in this server! They will run in batches, and the Dyno Raffle bot will be used to select winners. We will also do a reserve list raffle, see section on Settlement,

The allow list totals will be:

• Premium: 30 for public

• Ultra Premium: 10 for FP holders

• Ultra Premium: 10 for public

👨🏻‍⚖️ Auctions

50 FPBs will be auctioned, all from the Ultra Premium category.

Initially, auctions will last for 15 minutes. There will be 5 auctions on day one, with more details to be announced going forward!

The auctions will start soon!

🤝 Settlement

If you’re in an active whitelist sale or win an auction you will open a ticket and we will handle settlement there OTC.

We accept BTC as well as ETH equivalent, and if you don’t have a taproot compatible wallet yet then we’ll gladly escrow for you for free until you do.

There will be a time limit to complete settlement, and users who do not settle in time will be replaced by reserve raffle entrants, in order, until all orders are fulfilled.

🎟 Raffle Details & OG Status

There are two collections of OG ETH Forgotten Punks & Soul Punks:

Only Verified OG FP Holders will be eligible for the 10 Premium Giveaways

Verified holders will have an exclusive right to participate in a raffle for 10 Ultra Premium WL spots.

How do the OG raffles work?

The 20 prizes above will be raffled to people who:

1) Hold an OG ETH NFT from the collections above

2) Become a verified holder in collabland-join

4) Will be 1 chance per person (not per NFT)

5) Raffles are now live in these channels:



* If you are not an OG holder you can still participate in the other normal raffles here:



🏆 Prices


- Premium: 0.02 BTC

- Ultra Premium: 0.04 BTC


- All 50 items Ultra Premium

- Start at 0.05 BTC